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The Tragedy of Thomas Bungelene: Aboriginal Seaman in the Victorian Navy
Thomas Bungelene | Marbunnun 1847 - 1865
son of Bungelene | Bunjil-ee-nee
Article from Indigenous Histories
Maidens and Monuments
I have started reading this book as I see a symbolic and cultural relationship between the 'myth and woman' in my work.  I feel the myth of a white woman was a fabrication used to incite colonial disruption.  The myth is descriptive of cultural views and opinion of the time in regards to the female form. 
This is taken from an interview with Sara VanDerBeek.
From the earliest iterations of the female form, women have been empowered and burdened by symbolism. Their body is never just their own. It is forever shared. It is continually shifting from the physical to the ideological — it is a representation of ideals, a space for a message, and a mirror upon which society views itself. The multiplicity of experience for women is at the centre of my approach to the photographic series.
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