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Platinotype / Palladiotype

platinum | palladium

This is a historical process dating back to the 1870's and was created by William Willis.
We teach a contemporary approach, which is safer and allows you to create images by combining historical and modern day methods.  
You will learn what to look for in your negatives to get the best print possible and how to create a digital negative, which can be reused.  You will then learn how to expose your negative using a light source and how to develop your image in the darkroom. 
The tonal range of this process is truly beautiful and you will create unique one-of prints.
who is this workshop for:
beginners | intermediate
jo cripps
workshop duration:
9.30am - 4.30pm
what to bring & wear:
4 x 5 negatives | digital images | digital negatives | protective apron | comfortable footwear and clothing
what you will take home:
approximately 4 - 6 tintype prints that can be framed
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