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medium format 

Medium format photography can create in an instant, images that you spend hours on in photoshop.  The resolution will make you fall in love with this medium and when you see the size of the image captured, it will amaze you and make you rethink your more expensive DSLR.  Yes, there is work involved with processing your negatives, BUT the feeling when you see that image either on your screen or in print is well worth the extra effort it takes. 
This workshop is for people who have some skills in the basics of camera technique and wish to improve not only their knowledge of film based camera skills but also to enhance their skills with digital.  
The knowledge this workshop will provide you with will give you a deeper understanding of exposure, shutter speed and ISO whilst enhancing your future image taking in general.
If you don't have a camera, we have plenty here and will be shooting with a Hasselblad 503CW, Pentax 67, Pentacon six TL  & my trustee Mamiya 220 tlr using 120 black and white film.

After capturing some images, we will then process them and you will be creating your own negatives.
Get ready for a really enjoyable day in the studio & outside shooting film!!
who is this workshop for:
beginners | intermediate
workshop duration:
7 hours
workshop dates:
7 hours
jo cripps | david bibby
what to bring:
medium format camera if you have one | tripod | lenses | notebook
note: you do not need to bring a camera as we have one you can use
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