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large format

The love of film photography can be taken to the next level with this workshop.  You will learn how to use a large format 4 x 5 camera.  Discover how movements are used to create depth of field, what lens to use and how the focal length differs between 35mm to a 4 x 5 camera.
You will learn how to load a film holder and we will then take you outside and talk about how to calculate your exposure using a light meter.  
After capturing your image, you will be venturing into the darkroom to develop your negative.  
This workshop is fun and you will go home with a fresh outlook on photography and perhaps use some of the methods in your digital photography in the future or better still, purchase your first large format camera. 
who is this course for:
workshop duration:
10am - 4pm
workshop dates:
12 April 2020
10 June 2020
jo cripps

what to bring:

4 x 5 camera if you have one, notebook and pen, warm comfy clothes

what you will take home:

negatives you have created | scanned negatives | notes |  manual 

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