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book binding

Book binding is an form of art that dates back to the 1st Century BC. From India to Eygpt and then the Roman Empire, books have been created for many reasons and have become entrenched in our daily lives. History would be lost without them.   
In present day we are bombarded by technological advances, which has enabled us to read a book on a tablet and find our information on Google.   While this may be convenient, it does not have the same tactile feel that holding a book in your hand does, especially one you have made yourself. 
Our workshops provide you with the opportunity to create your own unique and beautiful books.  These can be given as gifts or kept for your own personal notebooks or photobooks.  
Japanese book binding for beginners and intermediate through to the more advanced Coptic book binding methods are taught with all materials supplied.
Dates for workshops are listed in our workshops,  but other times can be arranged by contacting us directly.
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