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film shooters of gippsland

 you love film!

so do we......


Sharing the love of analogue photography is one of our main goals.  To bring back the love and passion of an era that has not been forgotten and never will.  This group is a designated film shooters group - sorry all you digital photographers.

We want to connect with people who love analogue, share our knowledge, stories, triumphs and failures. 


Quarterly field trips will be on the agenda and gatherings where you can come to our studio and talk film, show your latest work, discuss the how and why of your image taking and best of all, meet new friends who you will have something in common with.

This is a great opportunity to build your own knowledge if your just beginning your analogue journey.

You don't need to have a film camera or already be shooting film to be part of this group.  

If your keen to become part of film shooters of gippsland group, just send us your details and we will contact you.  

This is a no cost, non-profit group - it is all about photography and you.  

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