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creating a montage is equivalent to creating a work of art.  this method of photography has been practiced since the very beginning and artists such as Jerry Ulesman are masters at the craft of creating a fantasy world where none existed. 
the image must start with an idea, a thought, which leads you to a maze of inspiration and eventually your finished photographic art print.  not all of us were blessed with the talent to draw and paint and by using the techniques you will learn in this workshop, your creative side will be unleashed allowing your ideas to be expressed by the layering of various images.
montage is carried out using layers and editing in photoshop so you need to have prior experience using it.
who is this workshop for:
beginners | intermediate photographers 
workshop duration:
7 hours
what to bring:
laptop, camera, lenses, tripod, notebook, digital images, ideas
Assignment 3 final 2.jpg
Black on Transparent.png
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