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the darkroom

Magic begins in a dark room....
So you have decided to expand your knowledge and  are keen to learn some historical processes or brush up on skills you have not used for a while.  The darkroom is the hub of analogue and alternative processes, and a place where you can forget the world for a time.  It is where time slows down and true creativity can be explored through processes used since the beginning of photography.
The first time you see your negatives come to life or watch as an image emerges in a developing tray, you will be hooked forever.   There are processes, recipes to follow to ensure consistent results and so much to explore and learn.  
Check our workshops and chose one that suits your level of skill.  Workshops are limited to 3 to ensure each participant receives the personal time they need to absorb all the information, get one on one time and ask questions.
If your unsure of which one suits you - give us a call or send us an email to discuss. 

darkroom basics

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silver gelatin printing


b & w film processing

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