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van dyke brown

Lovely, warm brown tones dominate the images in Van Dyke Brown. 
Together with Cyanotpye, this is one of the easiest methods of alternative printing and one of the safest.  
Named after Anthony van Dyck, the method is coating a surface with a light sensitive liquid and exposing it to ultraviolet light. The print is washed with water, and hypo to keep the solutions in place.  Simple and very effective.
Digital images can be used for this technique and in this workshop you will learn how to choose images that are suitable, make a digital negative to bring out the best in your image, how to prepare the chemicals and coat the paper and how to expose your negative using a contact light box or daylight. 
You do not need to have film for this technique as you will be creating digital negatives from your digital files.
Everything is supplied by our studio including any protective wear required.
This workshop is fun and a great introduction to alternative processes.
who is this workshop for:
beginners | intermediate 
workshop duration:
9.30am - 4.30pm 
workshop dates:
1 March 2020
25 April 2020
6 June 2020
jo cripps
what to bring:
digital images, digital negatives, notebook, apron
what will I take home:
idigital negatives | printed images | workshop manual
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