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coptic book binding

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In this workshop you’ll learn the art of exposed spine Coptic book binding.

This style of binding, dating back to early Egyptian Christians in the 2nd century AD, allows you to create hardcover books that will open flat. You will learn how to design an attractive book featuring intricate stitching and using Japanese and Nepali papers to wrap the cover.

Coptic binding is ideal for note books, sketch books as well as artist or photobooks.  Beautiful to keep or give as gifts.  

You will receive step by step instructions and everything you need for the workshop will be provided by our studio.

who is this course for:
beginners | intermediate
workshop duration:
9.30am - 1.30pm
workshop dates:
27 March 2020
9 May  2020
david bibby

what to bring:

notebook and pen

what you will take home:

a completed coptic bound book | manual

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