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There are no tricks in making a beautiful image, all it requires is knowledge, passion and creativity!
Knowledge is gained by understanding how your camera works and what it is doing when it is on auto.   This knowledge together with practice will give you a better understanding of your camera's functions and take you to a new level in your photography.
In this workshop you will gain the knowledge and skills to get your camera settings off AUTO and onto MANUAL.   You will be in control of the camera and the image creating process.  We will guide you through the basic functions of your camera settings and how each setting plays an important role in the final image.  
Let your creative journey begin !
who is this course for:
beginners or someone who has been photographing 
but has not used manual settings 
workshop duration:
6 hours
workshop dates:
11 March 2020
13 May 2020
david bibby
david bibby

what to bring:

camera, tripod (if you have one), lenses, notebook and pen

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