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it is now time to push your digital skills to a new level.  you have learnt about aperture, shutter speed and iso and how these three elements are the bones of your image taking methodology.  now you will learn how to create an image that is a work of art and not just a lucky snap shot.
a beautiful image requires thought, skill and patience. 
we will be covering such things as filters - how and when to apply them, long exposure, in camera adjustments, the focal length of your lenses and how this can change the final image and lots more.
get ready for a day of experimentation and excitement as you discover that you really have no limitations and it is all about your vision that creates your signature as a photographer.
who is this workshop for:
beginners to imtermediate
workshop duration:
6 hours
what to bring:
digital camera, lenses, tripod, notebook,  
what to wear:
warm comfy clothing and footwear
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